Chief Keef and Zaytoven - GloToven

Chief Keef and Zaytoven

Chief Keef to this day is rap's bad boy. Whether it be with critics or law enforcement Keef's general attitude is fuck it. This lead to him being a pioneer in drill and his unmatched energy garnering him legions of fans. It seemed like nothing could get in Chief Keef's way besides himself. This new album has him pairing up with super producer Zaytoven in an almost featureless project. This Producer and Rapper headlined albums is something new to hip hop, but not out of nowhere with early DJs often featuring on rappers projects. However this new one producer for the whole album thing is both a risk and an opportunity for creativity. It allows the rapper to stretch their wings and maybe try things that aren't out of their wheelhouse. It also allows the producer to create a more long form project rather than just one song on a record. Keef for the most part dials the energy way back on this record, and actually let's the listener in a bit more than usual. Chief Keef is no stranger to incitement but on this album He seems to fall into Zaytoven's deep rich beats and find more things to say about himself. There are some introspective moments, but also songs like "F What the Opp Said" which are exactly the opposite. The thing that makes Chief Keef exciting is just missing from this record and Zaytoven's beats aren't enough to keep the album afloat.

There is also a major issue of the two personalities lining up on this album. Zaytoven's beats are pristine. There are moments on this record where they simply overtake everything and damn near any artist would have a hard time escaping. The problem is Chief Keef never lines up with this vibe and we end up with what sounds like two albums smashed into one. Nothing here feels unified because it is two unique personalities not giving an inch and expecting the soup to just come together eventually. Songs like "Han Han" are damn near unintelligible to the point of being supremely annoying. This album just never really engages or finds a space for itself. Cheif Keef doesn't fit with Zaytoven and his beats don't fit Chief Keef. It feels like Zaytoven crafted these beats for months and then CHief Keef popped in and said what was on his mind for an afternoon. I guess just because you put two of the greats in the same room doesn't mean that greatness will ensue.

5.0 out of 10


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