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100 gecs
100 gecs

100 gecs are truly unexpected. The first few notes of this debut self titled album set the tone for something truly wild. First you think you are getting some kind of bright splashy electronics with a little kind rapping to round it out. Then suddenly behind the almost innocuous vocals some major dub step comes blarring in. This album finds a middle ground between aggressive noise and melodic singing. The vocals are never clear, always muddles with fuzz and autotune, but they still feel like the most grounded part of these songs. The rest of the music is allowed to be totally experimental and wild. "I Need Help Immediately" sounds like a Disney Saturday morning cartoon gone psychedelic. The hip hop sensibility should piss me off, but somehow 100 gecs manage to make it work. You are able to bop along without comparing this to old school hip hop and lamenting that the industry is different now. "ringtone" is an absolute hit and portrays this truly modern romance story There is something that is just crazy endearing about this album which makes up for any lack of melody it may have. There are times like on "gecgecgec" where it feels like they are actively trying to annoy you yet it still manages to work.

This record is really great and something new in a field of music that has been mostly the same for the past year. It's so fun to hear something that truly surprises you and this album does just that.

8.0 out of 10


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