Adam Port - You Are Safe

Adam Port, Rampa, ME
You Are Safe

Being a DJ often means your "Album" production is typically pretty low. Touring and DJing often lead to just that and a real lack  of anything truly unique. That is sort of the case with Adam Port. There is not a whole lot of music from him out there besides playlists, DJ sets and a few EPs/Singles. This makes it a bit tough to write a review, so here I am diving back all the way to 2017 for an album He made with two other people. The trio then all signed on the Keinemusik label created this record with the idea of showing all that the label had to offer. It ends up being this hour of moody electronica with not a lot of cohesion, but enough to make the record feel like one thing. This album being from 2017 feels a bit different than the electronic we hear these days. Trap doesn't seem to have any influence here, a welcome breath of fresh air and instead the focus is on downtempo slick beats. The album feels very European in that sense sort of Four Tet or Jamie xx vibes where Electronica tends to supersede the straight up dance vibes. It makes for a more passive engagement, you don't feel pressure to hang on every single note because you know more is coming. It's almost like the shoegaze of the electronic world, but your feet are probably moving a lot more. "Muye" is probably the most recognizable song here, blending in world tones with deep beats for this real electronic expressive release.

I really love the pacing of this record. It feels so unhurried or bothered by the world around it. The album allows you to disappear in it and allow the music to be front and center.  You can almost imagine the dark room this will be played in only to be lit up with laser blasts and disco balls for an amazing experience. This may be a blast from the relatively recent past, but it feels so much more contemporary than that and like a welcome break from what has been a pretty lackluster year for music.

7.8 out of 10


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