Ali Gatie - YOU

Ali Gatie

From the outside Ali Gatie may just looks like another singer songwriter and YOU like another generic album. However just a bit deeper you mind some real meaning in the record. Gatie originally born in Abu Dabi immigrated to Canada when He was 9 years old. This adds an interesting dimension to his sound. A lot of singers in this genre tend to sound the same, but Gatie for the most part blends in a world music sound that makes him sound a bit different. He still tries to manipulate his delivery so it sounds a little trapish, but that feels more like a symptom of the times rather than an artistic choice. Songs like "Moonlight" showcase some real feeling and isn't just another three minute pop song. There are times where it feels like Gatie is trying a little to hard to be The Weeknd rather than a singer with a guitar. Those songs feel far less successful because his voice isn't really strong enough to deliver. He needs to rely on his words to let his songs soar, because when he tries to sing it out it just sounds pretty bad. I think the mistake Gatie makes on this album is trying to sound like everyone else. "Love You Like That" features this autotune that has Gatie sounding like TY Dolla $ign, and we already have a TY Dolla $ign. It makes sense for new records to be influenced by the starts of that current moment, but Ali Gatie is at his best when He is being authentic to his experience rather than trying to recreate someone else's.

The thing that frustrates about this record is when it's good, it is pretty good. "How Things Used to Be" is a great modern pop song that still maintains some artistry that feels like Gatie. He is open, cracked wide open, trying to deal with the loss of love. That never ending sadness feels like a lamentation to the world. There is some real potential here and a chance for Ali Gatie to do something big, it just depends on what He does next.

6.3 out of 10


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