Amber Mark - 3:33am

Amber Mark

Amber Mark is an artist I somehow never really came across. I heard her sing as a feature on some tracks, but this album released in 2017 never really made it on my radar. It's a shame, because 3:33am is a real triumph. It moves and grooves with that super slick Trip Hop style that was popular for female singer song writers. I'm thinking of Verite and Tei Shi in particular. This album though feels more deep than that, with sweeping epics like "Journey into the Unknown" with it's distinct piano line and lyricless singing. The album is short but highly impactful, Amber doesn't let one second go by without imbue it with meaning. When she does cut loose and allow the positive vibes to soak through like on "Can you Hear Me?" the album really takes off. Even when she tries to slide into a simple pop vibe she still manages to make it super special and vibrant. 3:33am is really a special album and one that has me excited for more from Amber Mark. Her style is so diverse it means you'll find fun around every corner. A great listen from start to finish.

8.1 out of 10


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