Flor - come out. you're hiding.

come out. you're hiding

Flor released a really pretty dream pop EP a couple of years ago which garnered them some acclaim. After signing with LA label Fueled by Ramen, the band relocated to Los Angeles and worked on what would become this debut come out. you're hiding. Their music is inspiring indie pop and that has not changed one bit on this record with songs like "where do you go" wrapping up a pop song in guitar hooks but plenty of dance elements as well. You never really find Flor getting down, or trying to really delve into the deep end more content to give you a really nice song, rather than beat you over the head with an emotional take. "back again" is one of the tracks from their previous EP, but it too gets an upgrade on come out. you're hiding. with a different intro and more driving low end. "warm blood" however is the real early standout sliding perfectly into that number two spot. Flor have also majorly upgraded their production on this album letting the music really overtake you. The entire album sounds really great, making headphone listening a real treat. It does seem at times that Flor are so hell bent on chasing a fun pop hook that they loose a little bit of an edge which could really set the music apart.

The thing about their first EP is that it had some darker elements and a managed to push the "indie" just a little further than the "pop". That is what is missing here. By the time "spoiled" comes on you feel like you have already heard everything that Flor need to say. Much of the record just sounds to similar causing the later tracks to really loose quite a bit of steam. "spoiled" also has this sort of dark electronic breakdown at the end which just sticks out like a sore thumb. The thing is, Flor have the right ideas, the right sound and the right look but are missing something to really set them off. This album is perfectly good, and will likely delight many, but you want them to push further and dig deeper because you can sense that something special is right under the surface. As an introduction to the band come out. you're hiding is suitable however there is so much more to mine from this band and subsequent albums will hopefully do just that.

6.9 out of 10


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