Kid Ink - 7 Series

Kid Ink
7 Series

In this project for one reason or another I have listened to a lot of Kid Ink. Maybe it is because he is an LA guy I want to see him do well, but time after time his albums are underwhelming. However I am happy to report that this new EP 7 Series is actually pretty good. Arriving just in time for Summer this record is packed full of potential bangers that are tailor made for your next beach or pool party. Something Ink tried to do with his last album Summer in the Winter but missed the mark. "No Strings" which features Starrah is a tropical house inspired jam that Kid Ink vocally dances all over. If you are looking for something hard this is not going to be the record for you, because Kid Ink really drops the bad ass attitude almost completely. It is a mainstream move He has been doing for years now, but it seems like it's not even a question in his mind anymore. A song like "Mochi" which kind of masquerades as a harder track, really just takes a somewhat Asian inspired beat with Kid Ink's usual flexing. It is almost like He has absolutely nothing else to say. Yet the tunes are right on the edge of being something really catchy, primed to be hits but never able to make that leap. Even though the album is only eight tracks songs like "Bad Lil Vibe" tend to drag, making the record feel longer than it is.

The songs with features are clearly the better tracks especially the final song "Swish" which features 2 Chainz, because you can't make a hip hop album in 2017 without giving 2 Chainz a feature. It just always feels like Kid Ink is just behind the times, like a year to late on everything that He does. He is always chasing this stardom that doesn't feel right for him. Instead of giving us his authentic self we only get the instagram version. Kid Ink just never gives you enough to get really exited about. "Supersoaka" at one point almost sounds exactly like Big Sean's "Moves" and for people that actually work in a similar circle why would you even allow that comparison to be made? For the time being it seems like Kid Ink will continue to be looking for his sound and that thing that will really set him apart. While this record is a step in the right direction it is far from taking him to the next level. As i said on my last review: Take a listen, move on.

5.0 out of 10


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