The Big Moon - Love in the 4th Dimension

The Big Moon
Love in the 4th Dimension

The big question of the day for many critics is "just how over is the golden age of indie rock?". It makes sense however as former indie darling after former indie darling is releasing record after record that falls short of their former glory. The only problem is no one seemed to mention this to The Big Moon and they have released one of the better indie record we've heard in a long time. The contrast of aggression and sweetness on this album Love in the 4th Dimension is almost Pixies level capturing that frantic push and pull amazingly. "Cupid" has this great heritage sound like it is taking all the best parts of Rock and Roll through the ages and bringing it all together for 2017. When the chorus finally comes and the sing-a-long woos take over you've fully bought in, the fight is over, you are in the 4th Dimension now its time to play around. The looseness of the whole record gives this real punk rock feel, yet it never crosses over into the overly raw category. The clean vocals are a real benefit on this album because it does not allow the band to get lost in a bunch of fuzz. It is also great to hear a woman being a rock badass without pandering or making every song about female empowerment. Their strength comes from their music so they don't need to manufacture it and try to make you believe they are strong ladies, they just walk the walk.

The Big Moon however are not doing anything all that new on Love in the 4th Dimension, and instead just do it better. You don't always need to reinvent the wheel with each album you just need to make good music that connects and that is exactly what they have done. There are times with the "ooohs" become a little to plentiful, like on the title track, but since it is something we don't really hear all that often it never becomes all that grating. All Girl indie groups seem to be the ones really towing the lines these days with bands like Hinds and now The Big Moon proving that Indie is far from dead. From start to finish Love in the 4th Dimension is an absolute delight and one that you will be coming back to again and again. I can't wait to see where these ladies take it next because this record shows real promise and a very fruitful career ahead. 

8.2 out of  10


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