Misterwives - Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots

In the two years since Misterwives' last record they have almost sequestered themselves in their basement studio. Besides the singles from this record they also recorded a version of Chance the Rapper's "Same Drugs" that was absolutely incredible. Their powerful pop sound is on full display in this new record Connect the Dots with their same always positive outlook. "Machine" the albums opener actually highlights some of the bands political views, which do creep in to this record, asking their listeners to  not be part of the "machine". The really great thing about them is their music does sound so bright and so inspiring yet they manage to maintain an edge that very few artists actually can. "Only Human" is such a massive number of a song, just pushing the sound bigger and bigger every time the chorus comes in. Even on the darker tracks like "Revolution" Mandy Lee, the bands frontwoman, is able to keep the song uplifting by just being her effervescent self, despite what she is saying. Misterwives are really interesting because their style seems so curated but just comes so naturally to them. They slide into their sound with such ease and are able to ask listeners to "make a change" without feeling having it feeling forced.

There does seem to be a lack of a real hit on Connect the Dots with everything being done at a high level, but no clear standout. Another issue is that because the energy level is so high almost throughout some of the songs can end up sounding the same. The driving piano, occasional horns and punctuated downbeats all pretty much some up each of these tracks. Yet because it is so technical and so diverse you can almost forgive the similar sound. On the albums closer "Let the Light In" the band take a more dreampop posture with the tracks floating vibe, but close it with this cut straight from Paula Abul 90s dance stuff. It is interesting and wild all at the same time kind of like Misterwives themselves. While Connect the Dots will not make as much of an impact as their last record and it is missing a stellar hit it still has a charm all it's own and is really worth a spin. Give Misterwives a shot you just might enjoy yourself.

7.8 out of 10


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