Eric Prydz - Techouse from Ibiza

Eric Prydz
Techouse from Ibiza

So to be perfectly honest I have no idea what is going on with this record. You might have looked at the same and said "oh shit Eric Prydz!" and been very excited. The thing you likely missed, just like I did, what the "K" at the end of Erick's name apparently making this a totally different person. The music is somewhat similar, techno and housey, but minus Prydz' predilection for the bold and lasery. Te house from Ibiza is pretty much that, just 30 minutes of pretty generic tech house that you might hear out at a club. None of it particularly sticks out for any reason more than most club songs stick out, a pace change, some drop, a new shift in style it's all pretty well worn territory. There are moments of acid house brightness like on "Black or White" and other more techno inspired tracks like "Smells Like Teen Spirit". The real thing that sticks in the back of your mind throughout this album is who is Erick Prydz? Who would have the audacity to get people super stoked for a new Prydz record only for it to be a fake? It's pretty smart when you think about it: first there are the people who are never going to realize it's not an Eric Prydz record and just stream away putting cash in his pocket. Second, there is this idea that if people can hear Erick with a K's music than maybe they might just fall in love with it. The album is close enough to the real music of Eric Prydz that either case could be true, perhaps even both.

Either way it places the album on the back foot from the jump. Even if the techno was pretty good, which it is, there is still the idea of "why the hell would they do this" as you listen. There is no social media for Erick Prydz, and besides this record no other music so it just feels weird. You find yourself dancing along, because it is decent techno but then you are snapped back so hard by the fact of how false it all feels. When someone tries to jump the line or get one over on us, it feels wrong. Post Malone put out a five minute Youtube video of just the hook of his hit single "Rockstar" and it blew the fuck up shooting him to new levels of stardom. These tactics sometimes work which makes them viable, but a little sick. It's hard to give an honest review of this record because it seemingly begins from such an honest place. What if Erick Prydz is just a new tech house DJ with an unfortunate name? I doubt that is the case, but it is possible. This album then leaves you with way more questions than it does answers and none of them are about the music, and that sucks.

0.0 out of 10


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