If anyone knows what happened to YG's music from 2016 to 2018 I would love to know because this new album is one of the oddest steps backwards I've ever seen. Still Brazy was a modern take on g-funk and brought the genre back around in a big way. YG was pulling the LA style into the mainstream yet again with huge results. On this new album STAY DANGEROUS YG departs almost completely from his Compton gangster persona and instead takes his place as some kind of kingpin. He started this transformation on Red Friday, He lost the big name features and drops most of his autobiographical material in exchange for songs that  fill a pretty basic trap hole. Remember when it seemed like every rapper was coming out with a song that went "skrrrt skrrt" and saying "uh...yeah...". It was fodder for plenty of hate being thrown at the genre and somewhat diminished the accomplishments of the true innovators in the genre. "SUU WHOOP" is a big flex, but one that lands with a thud. There are a few funny lines in the track, but the majority of it tries so hard to make YG look impressive it has the exact opposite effect. "CANT GET IN KANADA" starts with a good idea for a song, but then turns into a mess of a trap song with words pouring from YG's mouth making little to no sense. His feature list again this time around improves, but they do little to make the album any better. Even the big name features barely reach the low bar YG sets. 

The lack of introspection here is quite hard to take. From the first moment the album is overly vulgar, sexual without being sexy and filled with platitudes damn near every other rapper has uttered voer the years. The thing about Sttll Brazy is is brought back the old school while still feeling completely modern. This record has neither of those things going for it. The Production has moments of brilliance but for the most part is devoid of any real inspiration. On "POWER" he even looses all sense of flow and the song becomes more and more jumbled. It's almost like YG has really bought into his own hype but has yet to live up to it. With Still Brazy you felt like this guy might be the next great thing out of LA since Kendrick, but listening to this He may be worse than Tyga. Jk Jk no one is worse than Tyga. The album eventually becomes an amalgamation of yelling and slurring, almost everything feels like it was done in 1/2 of a take and then put out. It's a tough record to get through and a huge step back for YG, I mean yikes this thing sucks.

3.0 out of 10


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