Swardy - Here on My Own EP

Here on My Own EP

When I first heard the track "Here On MY Own" its infectious groove hit me right to the core. It's that sort of goofy electronic a la Skylar Spence that is all at once totally light and airy but still manages to carry some major heft. This EP as a whole is strange, exploratory and different but in al the best ways. "I Remember Maine" is more of a piano and swelling production interlude that you might find on a singer songwriters album. It is punctuated with little synth droplets keeping the electronic vibe alive, but never taking over. To include an intro and an interlude on a five track EP is a bit of statement, but it really works here. Usually when an artists goes this many different places on an album it can feel jumbled and a mess, but Swardy slides in and out of each new track with absolute slickness. "Ballyhoo!" is like half lo-fi Porter Robinson and half some kind of trippy DJ/Producer hybrid. Swardy hits these tones that a lot of DJs play around with but never really dial in. A fun and lightness that is often missing from electronic music which can take itself very serious. There are moments where this album does drift into the goofy, but that doesn't make it feel silly or flippant fomr the first moments this album feels like it matters.

The thing about this album is it is so close to being repetitive, but it never crosses into that line. There are only about three lines to "Here On My Own" but you find yourself fully invested every time it comes on. Each new track provides a new atmosphere and a new layer to Swardy's personality. Sometimes with electronic music it can feel like you are getting something pretty or fun, but not soulful. Swardy's music however always feels full of heart and care. These are songs that matter to someone, that were fussed over and tweaked until they sounded like the sounds He was hearing in his head. It's kind of magical when that all comes together. If this is the direction Swardy is going we have some really goo music coming on the Horizon, let's keep hoping.

8.3 out of 10


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