Iggy Azalea - Survive the Summer EP

Iggy Azalea
Survive the Summer EP

Oh Boy. Since her ascension to stardom it has been a steady wind down for Iggy Azalea. Controversy after controversy, claims of ghost writers and very public displays of lip syncing have made for a bad couple of years for Azalea. It has left her a bit directionless in recent releases, grasping at any trend that might bring her back into the conversation. Her instagram stories have gotten more overtly sexual but in that way that just feels false and misguided. Her "Bad Bitch" mystique has been absolutely demolished, it just is not who she is, so trying to keep pushing it down our throats makes almost no sense. "Kream" features who else but fucking Tyga where rhyming "Cash, Ass, Bags" makes a chorus. These tracks feel like someone talking about hip hop themes without actually knowing what they mean. It feels pretend from the very first moment. The tracks are also hilariously short with none of the six being over three minutes. It's almost like the producers and Iggy could not be bothered to spend more than a few minutes thinking about these songs. There is not a single song where she doesn't talk about her ass or how fine she is almost like if she keeps repeating it than maybe it will come true a la The Secret. It's damn near laughable.

Iggy has certainly slowed her flow down big time, probably realizing she can't perform live the same way she can in the studio. This dark trap turn for Azalea is so odd especially given this is the first real music she's released since her debut. Since 2014 there has been album delay after album delay with Azalea eventually abandoning her sophomore album completely. Every song is structured the same: minimal beat, Iggy boasting about her ass and less than three minutes. They are all exactly like that and her throwing in skrrts and other ad libs only adds to the absolute insanity. The record is graciously only 15 minutes, but probably still about 12 minutes too long. I don't know what the path back to the heights of Iggy Azalea's success might look like, but I know it looks nothing like Survive the Summer. Yikes.

0.5 out of 10


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