Tourist - Wash EP

Wash EP

Tourist is an expert at making those songs that when played in the background make people stand up and take notice. "We Stayed Up All Night" is definitely one of those tracks. It has the ability to be part of the soundtrack to your life while also being a down and out great song. Tourist exists in this strange place between pop, dance and indie music where not too many people know about him, but probably should. He takes you on these deep techno dives, while also giving you a hook to sing along to. The second track "apart" has this really distinct Jame xx vibe to it, with this distant yell and drums put through a super dirty filter. Every layer just glides right on top of the next creating a totally unique and enjoyable experience. The album gets into this whole atmospheric vibe really taking you down some darker paths, but they never feel heavy or like they aren't going to keep you dancing regardless. The way Tourist harnesses different darker genres and pulls them into more popular sounds is pretty incredible. I remember seeing him at Coachella and completely falling into the rabbit whole as his set took the sweltering Sunday and turned the lights off. His music is so easy to close your eyes and melt away too and this EP is no different. It's something that Tourist truly excels at, and very few other producers can even do.

Tourist is really on of those artists that instead of trying to dissect, I like to just let wash over me, and He always delivers. Throughout the EP I would stop writing, stop taking notes and just close my eyes and let it all just be experienced. The length allowed me to go back a few times and let myself approach the record from different angles, but I keep coming back to just listening. That of course makes it hard to write about, and even harder to describe. Wash is just a continuation of the really great music that Tourist continues to make. There may not be a ton of music here with only four tracks, but He makes it certainly worth your while. So why don't you sit back, relax and allow Wash to sweep you away, you won't regret it.

8.0 out of 10


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