Anna of the North - Dream Girl

Anna of the North
Dream Girl

Anna of the North was worried about releasing her album the same day as Kanye West. It's a fear a lot of artists have, releasing an album when another mega star is releasing on the same day. Well happy to say as of writing this there is no new Kanye, but in it's place is this sophomore release from our favorite Nordic queen Anna of the North. This album feels far closer to classic pop and motown sounds than her previous record. it seems like this throwback style fits Anna as she slides in thee gentle little songs. Her voice is so unique you know you are listening to an Anna of the North song the second it starts. Sometimes this style works really well where other times, not so much. "Used to Be" has wonderful lyrics but drags and drags. One of the best tracks on the album actually doesn't really flow with the rest and that's "Playing Games". This track cooks in a way that the rest seem to really slow down. The album also feels incredibly brief. Her first record Lovers was expansive, diverse and new but this album tends to lean on more well worn territory. There are some stand out hits, but it certainly doesn't pack the punch you would expect. The record close son "If U Wanna" a somewhat confusing slide into an ending with Anna singing almost falsetto. I didn't want to admit it, but this album does feel sort of rushed and maybe our dear sweet Anna has fallen victim to the famous sophomore slump. You really hate to see it.

7.0 out of 10


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