Zimmer - Zimmer


I came across Zimmer while listening to a new music playlist. It was an absent minded moment, doing work listening to something in the background when suddenly a delicate electronic sound peaked my interest. Then when I saw that Australian singer Panama was the only feature on the whole album I got even more intrigued. This record is a lot different from the dance music you have been hearing these days. It's more slick, unworried and wrapped up in this idea that caring too much is a problem. The cover gives you the sense that everyone is the same, and the music sort of lends to that idea. This doesn't feel like an album meant to separate or celebrate one particular genre or the other; instead the focus seems to be constant pulse. Dance music often relies on jubilant releases likes drops, but in 2019 that formula can not sound well, more formulaic. It's great for moving a crowd, getting you pumped to workout or anything like that, but when it comes down to listening to that song again and again, the staying power just ins't there. Zimmer feels unique in that way, nothing else really sounds like this or tries to go to the places this record goes. "Techno Disco" is just that a blending of the genres to form this somewhat dark track that still manages to fold in these really pretty reaching disco moments. There is such balance on this record it almost slips into the background at times, yet still manages to make an impact.

'Thunder" is this slick almost tribal track that sounds like it belongs in the jungle but then doesn't feature any of the normal analogue sounds that go with it. This whole album feels comfortable and different all at the same time. There is a lot to like about this record but it also isn't particularly moving. It's more like a chill out sesh than something that really makes a connection. At times it makes the album feel a bit hollow. In the end however it is a nice little record and a perfect companion to those long ass work days.

7.8 out of 10


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