Nora En Pure - Homebound EP

Nora En Pure
Homebound EP

The idea of being "homebound" is one that Nora En Pure faces constantly as a worldwide touring DJ. She's either on a plane or about to get on a plane somewhere far off to get down on the ones and twos. This means that the idea of coming home is far more celebratory than it may be for the rest of us who end up in the same place every night. Homebound doesn't try to reinvent the wheel of Nora's sound, nor does it do much to take her brand of Deep House into any new areas. it does however feel incredibly nice. You put it on and space out for three tracks while Nora pushes warm tones like waves on to you. These tracks might be more ammunition for your Nora En Pure playlist, but little else. You don't particularly get the sense of what Nora is trying to say with this album because it is one: so brief and two: just so similar to everything else she's done. I mean at some point you can't just keep inserting orchestral music into Deep House and continue to call it inventive. It seems like new people discover her all the time, but her new music just doesn't keep up. She likes to envision these grand ideas and sweeping themes, but the music doesn't always match up to the idea. She's still great and continues to make super solid music, it just leaves you wishing for something more.

6.8 out of 10


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