Vacationer - Wavelengths


Vacationer is a funny little project. Not funny in the "Ha Ha" sense, but more so in the isn't life interesting kind of way. Vacationer sprung out of the break of the the pop punk outfit The Starting Line. Kenny, the bands singer and bassist, struck out on his own making old school beats graced with warm vinyl tones then sung over them. As the project has evolved the singing has evaporated and it's become more of an indie beat piece. I liken him to Jansport J, but instead of hip hop Vacationer songs have a bit more of a classic song structure to them. You can see where a chorus, a bridge and a verse may go, they just aren't there. It is not like you miss the singing, you really don't because the album is so incredibly rich. Vacationer has been making this kind of music for awhile now, but it's never quite felt this cinematic and vivid. It's like cutting out the lyrics exposed this whole new world to him one He could reflect back on us. Kenny is still getting his singing duties in, recently reuniting with The Starting Line and going on a Cross Country 20 year anniversary tour. This project however has always shown the more musically diverse side of Kenny Vasoli. he could have easily tried to recreate whatever the magic The Starting Line had in another form, but instead He's taken a complete left and given us something totally new to enjoy.

This is really just a wonderfully fun and gentle album. Where so much of music today is dark, uneasy or reflecting the ills of our current age, Wavelengths feels unconcerned. Much like the name suggests this record feels like a vacation from reality, a chance to put your feet in some sand and let the rest of the world melt away. And really, why the hell not? Music should be an escape, and doesn't need to be dark to accomplish that. There is space for music like this too, and maybe we should be making more room in all our lives for these kinds of emotions to stream in.

8.8 out of 10


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