Gesaffelstein - NOVO SONIC SYSTEM EP


I didn't particularly love the last Gesaffelstein record. It was dark and relied on trap beats almost to an extreme. It felt a bit behind where his other production was going and more like a syrupy soaked throw back. It was for that reason that I had to be dragged by my friends to his show at Coachella this year. Once there I saw the man come out decked in a head to tow chrome-plated disco ball suit. The music was dark, but only until the dance elements started streaming through. This didn't feel like Gesaffelstein, this felt more like Justice and I was here for it. This new EP then sort of extends where that set was going: dark dance music. The Justice vibes are all over this EP, but where they feel like a Disco throwback blasted through 2000s House music, this feels like Justice 200 years from now. "IGNIO" with it's ever pressing beat and constant increase in tempo creates this anxious feeling until you finally have no choice but to dance and release that pent up energy. This record does not fuck around, the beat hits the second the song starts and the electronics drill and drill until every inch of space is filled in. However the songs don't hang around long. Only one of the six tracks is over three minutes and the rest are much closer to two allowing for this real frantic approach. You better get your fucking groove on now because this ain't going to be around for too much longer.

This album has an excitement to it that a lot of dance music has been missing as of late. It feels different and new rather than just the same old tired troupes being peddled out to us. Dance music doesn't have to be just about builds and drops, it can so many other places, places Gesaffelstein is willing to take you. The album drops just as quickly as it screams in leaving you breathing heavy and wondering what in the fuck just happened, much like leaving one of his shows. A really wonderful little EP I would say don't sleep but Gesaffelstein will make sure of that.

8.5 out of 10


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