Cherokee - Insomnia


Cherokee is one of those producers who only pops up on your radar when you really go looking from them. Based in L.A. but originally from Luxemborg Cherokee works in the "French Touch" sytle of production somewhat similar to other synth artists like Classixx or Anoraak. This EP opens with a remix of "Jingle Bells" which is appropriate for the time this record came out (December) but man is this song a bad introduction to his music. It is too kitschy too bright and really just an annoying electro version of the original song. "Amozonia" is also plagued with a light touch that only slips away once the beat clicks in. There are some vague pan flute sounds to get you in the Amazonia vibe, but everything else feels like real deal French House, unabashed in just how far Cherokee is willing to take the term. It feels almost like twee electronic music which is in a word: interesting. On "Coffe" the beat is so repetitive, but also kind of annoying with its grating high pitched synth sound droning on and on. I'm also not quite sure if the intent on "Fullmoon" was to pay homage to New Order's "True Faith" but is almost a direct rip off with little to no explanation of why. The high notes are so tinny on this record they just bore straight into your skull, it verges on the point of being infuriating at times and it's hard to shake the sound. Where a band like Classixx give you some relief from the highs with punctuated dance grooves, but the groove is almost totally absent from this album.

"Kiss Me" switches it up a little, but then eventually has to go back to the high synth sound that makes this record so damn frustrating. The song will get into a nice groove, but then absolutely ruin it with this inane Casio Keyboard line. You will find yourself waiting for something to bring you around on this record or something to really give it some punch but that moment never comes. Even on the final track "Always" where Cherokee shifts into an almost Daft Punk style sound He never pushes it far enough and the groove is lost. This music might be for someone, but it is certainly not for me and drives this spike straight into my brain. The record just never clicks in, misses to many opportunities and is to delicate when it's sound calls for boldness. Not everything you come across is going to be a hit, but you gotta kiss a couple frogs to find your prince.

5.0 out of 10


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