G-Eazy - The Beautiful & Damned

The Beautiful & Damned

I'd like to think I was less excited for Eminem's new record than for G-Eazy's but at this point it's hard to tell. Within 10 seconds G-Eazy already mentions that you might not understand him because He's a "gemini". I don't know if He's trying to explain himself, his mood or appeal to some kind of astrological fan base but it sounds completely ridiculous, and the album only gets worse from there. Calling G-Eazy the white Drake seemed somewhat stupid at first but more and more He is falling into the sad rap category. He is clearly going for a "dark" album evidenced by the cover and the horror overtones throughout the album. Yet nothing feels dark about this record or sinister at all, it feels like a marketing team contrived, produced and released this project with nothing but input from the worst music fans out there. "Him & I" features G-Eazy's girlfriend Halsey and the song could not sound like more ridiculous. To crazy kids falling in love and being all edgy and shit, oh and He also mentions He's a Gemini again. The thing that is insane about this record is how good it sounds in your ears, but the second He opens his mouth it all goes to absolute shit. He is either flossing saying shout outs to money, or sitting alone in his room sad. It feels like such overwrought territory, don't we have enough rappers who talk about how much money they have and don't we already have the sad guy? Why do we need a shittier white version of each? At least have some cutting lyrics, some original ideas ANYTHING to keep the listener somewhat engaged rather than mediocre pop star features and basic ass lyrics.

"Sober" where G-Eazy and Charlie Puth dig into the benefits of not drinking and being clear in certain situations, but that song immediately drops into "Legend" which is about nothing but partying. "Legend" has a trap beat and Eazy tries his hand at some ad-libs which either sound like He is copying someone or is just bad at them in general. To be honest I'm not even sure A$AP Rocky and Cardi B were even in the same room as G-Eazy when they recorded "No Limit" because none of their verses have shit to do with each other. G-Eazy doesn't have the swag to make these trap beats work, nor does He have the vocal prowess. What He does have is references He assumes will work because 90s nostalgia, being sad and having money are popular right now. Surprisingly G-Eazy produced most of the beats on this album himself, and they are quite good but He always makes them infinitely worse by opening his mouth. Save for Anna of the North and Kehlani the other features are just as weak as anything G-Eazy does. You would hope with such similar content He would at least keep the album tight, but it drags out to almost an hour and fifteen minutes. He also employs this ridiculous slowed down and autotuned voice on tracks like "Pick Me Up" and many others that makes entirely no sense. I don't ask a lot of my readers; I don't run ads, I don't spam inboxes and I don't flood social media accounts. Please heed my advice and avoid this album like the mother fucking plague.

2.0 out of 10


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