Mokhov - Massive Love

Massive Love

Every now and again when I am running low on new albums or just bored with what's out there I'll take a "you might also like" suggestion from GooglePlay (i know i know I'll get Spotify). The suggestions will usually be based on another band you've like and m ore often than not the suggestions are absolute garbage and the band they recommend is only a vague shadow of the band they are basing the suggestion on. For Mokhov the similar artist was Tycho so I had defensivive walls up as Tycho is one of my faves. Well Mokhov is not really like Tycho, but that's also a good thing. Instead of dreamy ethereal synths Mokhov is more vaporwave focused taking you into the neon underbelly of dance. LaserHawk, Anoraak and others are work in a similar space but I haven't heard something infused with so much fun. "Love Love Revolution" is pure blissed out dance music ending with a bunch of bleeps and bops but always keeping the original beat securely fastened to the floor. Mokhov's music is much more fun than it is ambient something you often don't hear in this genre. He makes himself really hard to define. "Neon Sun Fantasy" could not be a more perfect name for this song, because that is exactly what it feels like. The song has these sounds that evoke feelings of pure neon tone and feel like the what people thought the future might sound like in the 80s. The songs just put the biggest smile on your face because unlike a lot of other people in this genre they never take themselves to serious and mine the synth for it's fun sound rather than it's ominous ones.

"Super Love Gravity" begins like it is going to have a bit more edge to it but then shifts into this really fun groove populated with this almost otherworldly melody line. The naming convention which is the same on every song is also another nod to the fun this album brings. You can almost hear Mokhov gushing on songs like "Dream Pop Fever" as this love pours out. You could also imagine these songs taking on another life with a live singer or shifting slightly more towards the pop side of things. It's also shrewd to keep this album short at only six tracks and just over 30 minutes because his music is already quite repetitve so locking the listener in for a long time doesn't make all that much sense. Massive Love in the end is just a really fun and bright electronic album that bucks many of the trends that others seemed hell bent to follow. Give Mokhov a shot, you may end up liking what you hear.

8.0 out of 10


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