San Holo - The Trip EP

San Holo
The Trip EP

San Holo has had a pretty big 2017 with plenty of singles and more than a few remixes breaking through. As a gift to his fans He released this five track EP with some undiscovered stuff as well as a few other interesting new takes. San Holo is a hard DJ to nail down because often his songs are so varied that you can never guess whats coming next. At times he will go housey and dank while at others He sides more on the dub and glitch space. If you are looking for an extended dance party this NEw Years however this 12 minute EP is not going to be the one for you. Before songs can even get going it feels like we are on to the next leaving you constantly wanting just that little bit more. I don't know if it makes art great to always be wanting more of it but it certainly makes it more desirable. The last two tracks are just piano, lightly playing, but "b song" a cover of Analogue Dear feels like it's lacking some punch to really set it off. Being just a little treat this album is nice but there just ins't something with enough force to really put these songs on the map. It's a shame to because they are really quite good especially the opener "trip" but because it is on this almost throw away collection of songs it's likely not going to get heard.

Sometimes when you pick a record to write about and come up with nothing to say it's a real fucking bummer. It usually happens on albums that I like, but that don't illicit a strong reaction either positive or negative. This album is not about taking big swings or discovering new things though, it's about celebrating a time in San Holo's life and encapsulating it into a little record. He's done wonderfully at accomplishing that goal but the last track being only a six second bird chirp is a little egregious. It's a fine record with some fine tunes, but one that simply doesn't move me.

6.9 out of 10


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