DJ Python - Dulce Compañia

DJ Python
Dulce Compañia

Ambient and Reggaeton are two genres that you would never dream could be smashed together. One creates a subtle chill vibe while the other is focused on getting one's hips loose and moving to the rhythm. Sure they can share elements, but even the ideas of them seems so far away from each other, but DJ Python manages to find the unifying forces at work. Never one for labels Python has gone under a number of names: DeeJay Xanax, Luis, DJ Wey and others trying to create unique personas for the style of music He wants to create. It is not about being anonymous Python has said in interviews, but more about not being pigeonholed. This grooving beat stays constantly on the floor as the electronics swirl around it creating this really new and interesting environment. Is it dance? Is it Ambient? it's simply both. The album becomes this thing where so many boxes are ticked even though it doesn't feel contrived in the slightest. To hear something really new coming out of your speakers is a rare experience but one that you clearly get here. Without the raggaeton elements you could see this music becoming very monotonous and boring, but the dance element really elevates are brings this lightness to the whole affair. Instead of this heavy ambient journey it feels more like an all nite dance party that goes into the wee hours but never gets too gritty or messy. Just a fun spacey time with a touch of Island rhythm to keep things moving along.

The pace is not always intense though and there are times especially on the two track movement "Todo Era Azul" where He gets so deep into a groove that it becomes hard to even escape. He reaches almost shoegaze levels of hypnotic beats at times causing you to have to shake off the cobwebs as you get pulled down deep. He even gets a bit bogged down with the tech at times like on "Acostados" where the song bleeps and blips on and on and on putting you into a trance. "Esteban" feels like some many rhythmic genres coming together to create this almost progressive world music. The connection is always found through the beat, but it becomes so different than just your normal world music with pan flute. When vocals sneak through on "Yo Ran (Do)" its really sublime and just lets you slide into this really great comfortable sound. Dulce Compañia is exactly as it's title describes: "Sweet Company" a really great album with a new take on way more than one genre. Give this one a shot, and try to not be impressed, also you may end up liking raggaeton now.

8.0 out of 10


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