Gucci Mane - El Gato: The Human Glacier

Gucci Mane
El Gato: The Human Glacier

Gucci doesn't take breaks it seems, the man must sleep about three hours a night. This is at least his third album this year, He got married and got out of Prison. It's been a whirlwind for Gucci but He keeps making stuff that is better than his last. In what seems to be a tradition in the making Gucci releases another winter themed mixtape to accompany last years East Atlanta SantaEl Gato: The Human Glacier is exclusively produced by Southside, which in the past meant a hip hop album that was too one note. That never happens hear because Southside and Gucci keep it so tight. At only 30 minutes these beats come in, bang and then hit the fucking door. Gucci expertly slides over these beats and classifying the tape as a "Street Tape" means Gucci has zero concerns about making something ready for radio play. It's syrupy and smooth with an edge that is palpable from the start. This record feels harder than most of what Gucci has done lately, but It's not because Gucci suddenly needs to prove his street cred, it is just what the songs actually called for. These are hood bangers, and Southside and Gucci don't try to hide that fact. When Gucci boasts it's just so much better than everyone else like on "Side EFX" when he talks about pulling up to the plug in a private jet. Regardless of how rich Gucci gets you always feel like He probably still gets involved in some hood shit, even if it is in between trips to Paris for cafe and a baguette.

"TYT" an homage to MJ's "PYT" but not a sample at all has this great bop to it and just keeps mushing the sound ever forward and Gucci bounces along. Gucci different than many rappers knows the power of keeping the album quick. Some rappers want to drone on and on and on (cough cough G-Eazy and Eminem) for no apparent reason other than to hear their own voice. Not Gucci. This record is 11 tracks and 30 minutes just enough to keep you wanting more. On "Sea Sick" the beat gives you this real swaying feeling, but it's Gucci who ground it with this real staccato delivery. Each track has Gucci taking a different posture, and employing a new style of delivery really using his voice as a tool rather than just letting the words speak for themselves. The sinister vibe that goes along with Trap is everpresent but Gucci Mane and SOuthside never directly reference horror films like so many people seem to be doing these days, the vibe is just always hanging there. "El Gato's Revenge" is one of the best produced tracks on the record and absolutely claps. Gucci Mane has almost nothing left to prove at this point but what we are seeing is a man making the best of his moment and making all the right moves. It's something to behold.

8.6 out of 10


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