Dan Moses - Deposit

Dan Moses

I cam across this record by accident. While scrolling through the list of new albums Deposit stuck out from the bunch with it's plain cover and almost no preconceptions. Little did I know this thing is almost two hours long of straight up guitar music. Reverb guitar, acoustic guitar, any damn kind of guitar you can think of along with any one of the variety of pedals make their way onto this record. The length aside, there also seems to be almost no inventiveness at all on this music. Every song sort of vaguely sounds like another more popular track that actually has a few more, or any, lyrics. Like on "agony" where you can distinctly here "looks like we made it, look how far we've come my baby". Getting deeper into it, you kind of realize that that is the point, to make some kind of musac for hold lines and elevators. They all have titles that differ from the original song, but the composition is almost entirely the same. It's like some guitar guy got a hold of popular songs, transcribed them, changed the name then just re released them as his own. It;s not a terrible business model as you can imagine a lot of companies paying for this record to be gentle played in the background of waiting rooms or throughout a retail space. The songs because they are vaguely familiar allow you to let them slide to the background almost like they aren't there at all. Not exactly what you want to hear about your album unless that was exactly the point of the thing.

Just when you thought things couldn't get anymore weird "bundle" throws in some truly awful singing. I'm not joking when I say this is some of the absolute worst singing I have ever heard recorded. It's off key, weirdly affected and sung with such conviction that you would think Celine Dion was the one belting this out. Not only is the album impossibly long, but each song stretches and stretches into this inane jam sesh that Moses is only having with himself. I mean this album seriously sounds like a knock off version of the fake for TV band Jesse and the Rippers of "Full House" fame. "floor" sounds exactly like the Rippers' only hit "Forever" and doesn't just sound like it, it is almost an exact rip off. This album was likely made to generate some streaming or some funds for Dan Moses, another in a growing number of people trying to game the streaming system for some quick cash. Who knows, but what I do know is none of this is very good and even for background music it often is too grating to truly vanish. If you have an extra hour and forty minutes laying around I would suggest doing anything rather than listening to this record. It's time you won't get back, and your time is far more valuable than this album presumes.

1.0 out of 10


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