Kayzo - Overload


Holy Dubstep batman! In continuing with the "playing Coachella" series we have arrived at a Friday performer Kayzo. Clearly someone is tailor made for the Sahara stage with the absolutely pounding electronics. This new record, his debut, is all over the fucking place. One minute you have this slow and gentle build then the next He is throwing you into an electronic tailspin. Thumping bass, massive drops and every other cliche EDM sound are on full display. It is some major noise noise noise coming out of the speakers. He also tends to use singers that sound exactly like Jared Leto, like for almost the entire album. We get this mix of dubstep and screamo that is as loud as it is clunky. Everything is about the drop from the first note of this album. Every builds to it, everything leads to it and somehow once you wade through the wreckage a dance beat is lying underneath. It is fun at moments, for moments, but then it just feels like a mega dose of noise. it's a bit confusing because you can't tell if it's Kayzo who is doing the singing and the features (there is a feature on just about every track) are just helping with production. Songs like "Exhale" with Micah Martin feel like they are progressive and moving things forward. The song is also a departure for the drop heavy record and gives you a peek inside Kayzo's more rock centered tracks. This album feels like it is really trying to merge EDM and aggressive rock in a real way, but it ends up being almost bewildering.

The problem is with this album is for all it's loudness and big ideas it's not all that interesting. The things Kayzo is doing are just sort of one note, it's going to be loud and He's going to switch up the pacing. This is something you watch live to marvel at the spectacle, but throwing any of these tracks on with any regularity sounds like insanity. On "Floating" He even throws in a little R&B and Hip Hop before twisting the knobs super hard to get that pace cooked up to 11. This album never lets up or gives you any room to breathe, just puts music on the floor and then asks you to step the fuck up. If you are into dubstep, if you are into big bold things than this is the record for you. For the rest of us however it just feels like a whole hell of a lot.

5.9 out of 10


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