Jai Wolf - The Cure to Loneliness

Jai Wolf
The Cure to Loneliness

Jai Wolf's Music has always stood apart from the rest of his contemporaries. There has always been a more artistic bend to his version of EDM, a lighter and breezier. He was put into the EDM DJ category almost by default, but his music feels like much more. One of the easiest comparisons is The Knocks, with his instinctive taste a willingness to go anywhere for a groove. "Telepathy" is one of those tracks that employs some classic EDM sounds, but then uses them in a totally different way. The "vocals" a choppy keyboard cut up works so well in driving the song forward while the pounding drums keep things in order. "Still Sleeping" is one of those forlorn bangers that will have you dancing and crying while the singer realizes that the person they love may not feel the same way. His music moves in the same way that Odesza's does with this real flowing quality to it. You realize that his album matters to him and the way it moves is vital to it's success. He gives you an experience with this record that a lot of people miss these days. It's not only about how many steams you can squeeze out of every individual. The thing this record doesn't do however is truly blow you away. There are many moments where it's like "oh this is nice" but very few true exuberant releases. The combo of The Knocks and Odesza makes for a fun listen, but not an all together compelling one.

The thing about this record is I like it but it didn't particularly move me like some of his other stuff does. It just felt like a second gear was missing throughout the album and it stays at one level. Good, but not exactly ground breaking is where this record lands unfortunately for Jai Wolf.

6.8 out of 10


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