LSDREAM - Renegades of Light

Renegades of Light

With an name like LSDREAM it's a bit of a crap shoot of what you might walk in to. It could go anywhere or be anything. This record however opens with "HELLO HUMAN" a dubstep track written from the perspective of an alien arriving on earth and commenting "your planet sucks". There isn't a real vocal narrative here, just some skittering vocals that come slamming in around the electronic beats, but you can get the point. There are plenty of dubby womps and buzzers to be had here putting LSDREAM in firmly in the dubstep space one He is already quite familiar with. LA based Sami Diament has toured by his alternative name Brillz  for a few years, however as of late He has used that moniker less and less focusing on LSDREAM. You'll get notes of Grizz throughout this record, but instead of being more bass heavy and straight dance LSDREAM seems to be more interested in a soundscapey experience. His songs feel a bit more like journeys than they do straight up dance beats. That is where EDM can often get a bit lost, they forget that even though your sounds are big and bold you need to have some kind of story people can follow. So much of the genre relies of builds and drops that they fail to recognize that music should take you on a ride. LSDREAM gets that and this record pulls you through a kaleidoscope of color and light.

There is a serious amount of collaboration on these tracks with all but 3 featuring another producer or singer. This gives each track a new feel and new vibe that doesn't really create a through line, but it does give record a more wild and experimental feel. "PHOENIX" is an absolute stunner of a track that is expansive and incredibly gentle. It feels like it is a flower opening right in front of you, more and more petals unfurling as each new movement of sound comes streaming in. "I AM BASS" feels like the soundtrack to Space Mountain at Disneyland, but turned up to an entirely different level of complexity. There are just things to like all over this album and new littler surprises to keep you interested. LSDREAM is doing something pretty damn interesting here and it's not just another dubstep record like you may expect. Don't sleep on this one, not that it would ever let you.

8.3 out of 10


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