Pink - Hurts 2B Human

Hurts 2B Human

The brash and somewhat "bucking the system" style that Pink has always employed throughout her career is back on full display for this new album. IT always felt like she was perhaps the most honest and "real" from the pop explosion of the early 200's and late 90s, but social media has somewhat broken that facade. Becoming a mother and having a somewhat contentious relationship with Husband Carey Hart has lead to a lot of very public stumbles. She has always taken a powerful female stance, but that holes in that game are starting to show through more and more, as they are for a lot of her peers. This new record then Hurst 2B Human is yet another pandering record full of overcoming trauma, self acceptance and not giving a shit what people say; in short the same thing that every other Pink album has been about. Her pull has always been that she was the "outsider" when it came to pop songstresses. She was not as bubblegum and prepackaged as Britney Spears nor was she as vocally talented as Christina Aguilera. As they all have aged however they've all sort of rolled up into one thing, mothers who still sing. They will throw in just enough edge and a couple of modern day features with hopes it pulls them back into the conversation, but it rarely does. These record just become victory laps and ways to have more to sing when they eventually announce a worldwide tour.

"Can We Pretend" is another feel good EDM anthem produced by Cash Cash, an attempt to look back at better days. None of this feels inventive or exciting, no new ground is being stepped on. It's not like she is simply banking on nostalgia, it's almost like she is banking on memories of what once was. "Courage" is this absolutely overwrought track trying desperately to create some kind of slow burn anthem for people to cry and sing along to at the top of their lungs. However you can see right through it, it has nothing else to offer than any of the other numerous songs that follow a similar formula. Hell even Pink herself has made at least 10 of these same type of songs throughout her career. The album is just kind of a bore, and a confusing mess of half debated thoughts and generic platitudes. Sure Pink might still be the most "edgy" of the remaining pop princesses, but it's starting to feel more and more false by the day.

5.0 out of 10


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