Logic - Supermarket


Have you ever been sitting around and thought, man I sure wish Logic would write a novel? Then right on the back of that thought been like "and if only that novel had a soundtrack". Well fret no more because that is exactly what Logic has done here. The hubris is astounding. Logic has gone from a mid level underground rapper to a couple years later being a rapper, singer, songwriter, author, poet and god know what the hell else. On this record we get to take a look at Logic the alternative singer songwriter. That's right folks Logic sings on this one and oh boy is it fucking basic. It feels like Logic saw Childish Gambino's career and was like "yeah I'll try that too". I'm not saying Logic shouldn't be allowed to sing if He wants to, I just don't see the logic (pun intended) in it. "Bohemian Trapsody" opens our story about a depressed 24 year old supermarket worker struggling to find his place in the world and in love in a small Oregon town. Logic is no stranger to narrative concept albums, many of which I quite like, but on Supermarket He sticks almost exclusively to a 90s and 2000s Alternative Rock aesthetic. Song like "Time Machine" are these forlorn sad boi ballads that seem more in line with something coming out in 2005 rather than 2019. You would think if He was testing the waters of the singer songwriter lifestyle He would make sure it was music at the highest level, because people would obviously be coming at him for this. The thing is though Logic is a much worse songwriter than he is rapper, He's also a much worse singer.

The album's self titled track lays it out as Logic's character falls in love with a girl who frequents the supermarket that He works at. This then gets into some rather problematic, stalkerish behavior that people are justifiably raising their eyebrows at. There are also these moments throughout the album where Logic seriously just sings lines from other songs in the exact same way it is on the original tracks. "Baby" has the line "baby... you got what I need/ but she says she's just a friend" in the same style as the Biz Markie original "Just a Friend". This happens throughout the album, some vague shot at nostalgia that is so annoying. The way Logic sings these songs with so much emotion also puts you off to it. You should dip your toe into a completely new style, not dive head first while also doing a back flip. There is even an acoustic guitar solo on "By the Bridge" a song likely inspired by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers song with a similar title and theme. To be honest I knew there was no chance I was going to like this, but I didn't realize just how awful it would be. It is bad in a particular way that is almost undescribable. Yikes.

2.0 out of 10


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