Riff Raff - Pink Python

Riff Raff
Pink Python

Interestingly enough Riff Raff always seems like He is ahead of his time. The Street wear style that is so prevalent today has been a stable of his wardrobe for years and He adopted trap long before it was cool. These however were met with nothing but derision and Riff Raff has been a bit of a punchline outside of Miami. Well this album is again a huge change of pace for Riff Raff because aparently He isn't a rapper anymore, but now He's a singer. This feels like the softer, more R&B heavy side of Riff Raff which is in a word: odd. The trap beats are still there, deep and syrupy, but now He is out here singing. I'm giggling even writing that sentence because it is so hilarious. "WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A QUEEN" a song of praise for his love is goofy as shit. It almost sounds like He is trolling with this record, but I don't think He is. The album is 25 full minutes of sheer goofy nonsense floating between dancehall R&B and some trap infused numbers. Riff Raff often tries to sing out of his own range which is an absolute ear beating. He does rap on "JODY HIGHROLLER QUARTER MIL EVERY NIGHT" and some subsequent tracks, but they are just as absurd as everything else. His flexing has become so tired at this point that it just feels like noise. "YES i DONT PLAY GAMES" has this beat that is actually impressive, but the lyrics are so repetitive and inane that it is hard to even care. Riff Raff is the most successful when He is cracking jokes and laughing at how serious He takes himself, here he is just self congratulatory.

This album would almost benefit from cutting out the lyrics completely, which of course would remove the whole Riff Raff aspect, but damn some of these beats actually bang. That is the thing about RIff Raff, He is so easy to laugh off and talk shit about, but then He does something that is original and fun so you have to eat your words. He has the line "I'm playing hackey sack outside of Hakasan" which doesn't exactly rhyme and doesn't exactly make sense, but it's still pretty damn funny. That is Riff Raff's gift and curse, He has the ability to do whatever the hell He wants and sometimes it lines up with the rest of the culture, but most often he ends up sounding and looking silly. This album isn't good, in any sense of the word, but then again maybe we'll reevaluate that in 10 years and realize He was actually a genius, but I doubt it.

3.0 out of 10


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