Tiësto - Together EP

Together EP

When a new Tiësto record comes out you sort of know what the hell you are in for: Big Room EDM on full display. Light and color permeate everything that Tiësto does. It's an experience of noise, light and dance all rolled up into one neon thing. However the mood for Tiësto as become so specific these days that it is almost like He has given up any presumptions about major pop appeal. The horns are going to blare on songs like "Party Time" until the build seems like it is going to blow your face and and then, you drop. The formula is dialed in my friends, and dialed in very tight. Tiësto doesn't try to break the mold or go in new directions on this album instead it is just big room EDM from start to finish. Do I want this to be banging next time I step into a club? Yes. Would I love to see music like this play out on a major festival stage? Yep. Soul cycle? Sure. But, what I don't want is to listen to this kind of music in really any other venue. Songs like "My Whistle" are fun as hell, but only in one of those specific settings, it needs a mood to really work otherwise it just sounds like a cheesey song that features a real whistle way too much. Tiësto has always been a big fan of collaboration and He shows it here featuring new and established artists to play around in his world. "Lose Control" reminds us why people hate Tiësto as it just descends into a cacophony of noise pushed over a dance beat. High energy European EDM at it's most European.

The main problem with this album is that it is just completely devoid of any new ideas. You've heard every drop of this before in one form or another. By the time it's over you are left sitting there wondering what in the hell happened. The bewildering body slam of sound rattling in your ears. There just isn't much to hold on to and the album is left feeling rather hollow. It's a shame because this could have been an opportunity for Tiësto to really try something new or explore a whole other sound. Instead He relies on what has been his bread and butter for years now. People love Tiësto  and He will be totally fine, I just don't think this music has very much left in the tank if it doesn't take some risks and make some changes. Only time will tell if I'm right.

4.0 out of 10


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