Bassnectar - Reflective (Part 4)

Reflective (Part 4)

Bassnectar playing Coachella this year is kind of a big deal. He has played it in the past but never since rising to damn near iconic prominence in the EDM scene. Hell He has thrown his own festival and had it widely attended and continues to pack stadium sized fields with people. The thing is with all this success Bassnectar has never been all that popular. His fans are rabid and relentless but there are not all that many of them. The Reflective series  has always been a chance for Bassnectar to collaborate with others and explore other area of his creativity outside of proper albums. Not that he actually releases "albums" in their current form, instead He creates a number of mixes, songs and other fillers until we can eventually get enough to listen to. Screaming electronics, the biggest of big room EDM and a heavy does of dub step all make up the building blocks for a new Bassnectar record and all those boxes are ticket here. The thing that is different about Bassnectar than other DJs of a similar ilk is that He is not obsessed with speed. So much of dub-step, happy hardcore and acid house is so reliant on how quickly we can turn up the pace. Bassnectar, even though some of his stuff is super quick, for the most part avoids this trap (no pun intended) and allows his tracks to slowly move and shift.

For his fans the thing that has always set Bassnectar apart has been the live experince. His visuals, ability to move a crowd and all out sonic power have made his shows some of the most iconic in the genre. It's the reason He is as popular as He is, He's been bringing the rave experience to a wide audience for years now. It's that experience that keeps him from falling by the wayside like so many other EDM artists have done as of late. Because He always had a unique voice that connected with people His music remains important. I am excited to dive into this experince first hand this year and finally learn, or not learn, what the fuss was all about when it comes to Bassnectar. I am ready to be blown away, but I also wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't. We'll just have to wait and see how face melty his set actually is.

6.9 out of 10


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